Mississippi College

Requirements Class Name Hours
University Core   43 
Professional Education   34
EDU 299* Pre-Teaching Field Experience 1
EDU 300* Introduction to Education 3
EDU 304 Educational Psychology 3
EDU 317 Introduction to Instructional Technology 3
EDU 320 Principles and Methods in Early Childhood Education 3
PSY 305 Child Psychology 3
PSY 435 Psychology of Exceptional Children 3
EDU 421**+ Directed Teaching in K-8 3
EDU 422**+ Directed Teaching in K-8 3
EDU 423**+ Directed Teaching in K-8 3
EDU 424**+ Directed Teaching in K-8 3
EDU 458+ Organization and Management of the Elementary Classroom 3
Elementary Education Subject Matter   24
EDU 301 Methods of Elementary School Teaching 3
EDU 309  Early Literacy I 3
EDU 334 Early Literacy II 3
EDU 311***+ Social Science for Children 3
EDU 312***+ Science for Children 3
EDU 321***+ Mathematics for Children 3
EDU 439***+ Language Arts Methods/Reading 3
EDU 489+ Middle Grade Literacy Skills 3
Interdisciplinary Courses   21
ART 207 Art in the Elementary Schools


BIO 145 Introduction to Earth Science 3
MUS 225 Music for Children 3
KIN 306 Methods and Materials of Teaching Physical Education in Elementary Schools 3
EDU 411 Children's Literature/Reading 3
MAT 207 Elementary Statistics 3
GEO 210 Principles of Geography 3
Specified Core   9
MAT 210 Mathematics for Teachers: Number Systems 3
MAT 211 Mathematics for Teachers: Geometry 3
Choose one of the following Communication courses    
COM 202 Interpersonal Communication 3
COM 203 Professional Communication Skills 3
COM 304 Public Speaking 3
Total    131

* Must be taken Sophomore year
** Must be taken during the same semester
*** Must be taken during the same semester
+ Can only be taken after admission to TEP 




Teacher Education   Conceptual Framework 


The mission of the Department of Teacher Education and Leadership at Mississippi College is to provide collaborative, integrated professional educator preparation which is field connected and focused on teaching and learning; based on best practice which is driven and assessed by high national, state, and local standards which will develop reflective practitioners with the appropriate knowledge, dispositions and skills. 

Program Goals: 

The underlying purpose of the Department of Teacher Education and Leadership is to further the aim of the University in offering the opportunity for well-rounded higher education in a Christian environment. The general objective is the professional preparation of classroom teachers and the offering of specialized work in educational leadership. 

The Department of Teacher Education and Leadership is responsible for the preparation of teachers, supervisors, and principals. The University is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education and is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). 

Field Experience: 

Courses in the Teacher Education Program (TEP) bring reality to theory and research by illustrating and translating the abstract into concrete suggestions and activities for use in the classroom. Teacher candidates are involved in guided, active observation of students, teachers, administrators, schools, and communities. All experiences are designed to provide students with a realistic view of the teaching profession. The teacher candidate becomes a facilitator of learning and must be aware of the wide range of subject matter, teaching methods, and potential resources.  


Entrance and Maintenance Requirements for the Mississippi College 

Teacher Education Program (TEP): 

Students will apply for admission into the TEP as part of the course requirements for EDU 300, Introduction to Education. All students applying for entrance into the TEP must: 

1. have successfully completed 44 semester hours of university core courses 

2. have an overall (cumulative) GPA of at least 2.75 

3. have minimum GPA of 2.75 in the area(s) of expected certification 

4. pass the PRAXIS I CASE: Reading 156: Writing 162: Mathematics 150 * 

*Praxis I requirements can be waived if student submits ACT composite score of at least 21  and no sub-scores below 18,  or SAT 860 or higher math/verbal. 

5. pass the writing proficiency test/or ENG 299. 



Contact Information: 

Dr. Cindy Melton 

Department of Education and Leadership Chair 

Telephone: 601-925-3478 

Email: cmelton@mc.edu 

Web site: www.mc.edu

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