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After the approval of their academic advisors in consultation with the appropriate department chair, freshman pre-law students with an acceptable ACT or SAT score may elect to enter the Three-Three Program. Ordinarily a 26 ACT score or 1180 SAT score will qualify a student for the program. Such students are expected to maintain at least 3.25 GPA in their undergraduate work to remain competitive for early admission to the Mississippi College Law School. Students in this program should plan to take the LSAT as soon as possible after their sophomore year, but no later than the fall of their junior year, as an acceptable LSAT score is required for admission to the Mississippi College Law School. Acceptance into the Three-Three program, however, does not automatically guarantee admission to the Mississippi College Law School.

Requirement Class Name Hours
University Core   49
ENG 370 Analysis of Literature 3
ENG 470 Senior Seminar 3
ENG 213 Survey of American Literature 3
ENG 404 Shakespeare 3
  Upper level English electives 9
  Foreign Language 6
PLS 201 American National Government 3
PLS 202 State & Local Government 3
PHI 211 Introduction to Logic 3
GBU 451 Business Law & Ethics 3
ACC 201 Elementary Accounting 3
ECO 131 The American Economic System 3
HIS 407 American Constitutional Development I 3
HIS 408 American Constitutional Development II 3
Total Hours   100

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