Mississippi College

Clinical Courses

The clinical phase consists of 66 credit hours of academic work. During the series of clinical practicums I-VIII students will be assigned to eight clinical rotations conducted at a variety of clinical sites. Five weeks of the clinical rotation are spent on site, and one week is spent on campus for exams, lectures, board preparation, and course work. The rotation specialties include Emergency Medicine (6 weeks), Family Practice (6 weeks), Internal Medicine (6 weeks), Pediatrics (6 weeks), Surgery (6 weeks), Behavioral Medicine (6 weeks), Obstetrics & Gynecology (6 weeks), and an elective (6 weeks) of the student’s choice.  Students must complete all eight rotations to complete the practicum series.   The capstone of the clinical phase is the Advanced Clerkship. During this course, students choose one of three areas of concentration; Primary Care, Critical Care, or Surgery and spend the entire semester at one training site.