Mississippi College

Students must:

  1. Maintain good standing by earning a 3.00 cumulative GPA. Good standing is required before students can apply for graduation and participate in comprehensive exams.
  2. Complete 31-credit hours of graduate coursework including two practicum experiences.
  3. Schedule comprehensive oral exams in the last semester of enrollment based upon the course work used to satisfy degree requirements. If judged unsatisfactory, the comprehensive exam may be retaken once in the following semester or summer term.
  4. A prospective candidate for the Master of Science Degree in Higher Education Administration is expected to pass a qualifying examination after the completion of twelve hours of graduate study. 
  5. During the final semester of coursework, a candidate will participate in a comprehensive review of a chosen research paper. The student will choose any major research paper from the courses in the Master of Science of Higher Education Administration program. A satisfactory score will be based on the student's performance compared to the objective rubric. The rubric components are organization of ideas and content, sentence structure, analysis and synthesis of complex issues, and use of language.

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