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From the President

This issue of the Beacon focuses on some notable "firsts"

This issue of the Beacon focuses on some notable “firsts” and on the Mississippi College alumni and
faculty members who have achieved them.  The “firsts” in these pages cover many areas,
from the first art program of its kind in Mississippi to the state’s first female federal district court judge, from an internship program that offers new opportunities to the developmentally disabled to scientists who’ve been the first to make important discoveries in their fields.

Whether they were driven by a desire to see justice done, to enhance the lives of others, or to uncover information 
that can change our world, the people behind these remarkable “firsts” were all motivated by something greater than
personal satisfaction. Mississippi College and those connected to the university have achieved many great works over the years. Yet I believe that any success we celebrate is because we seek first to be a university (and persons) committed to the cause of Christ.

Few of us will make headlines for being the first person to implement a life-changing idea, to make a groundbreaking 
scientific discovery, or to set a new standard in our profession. But as Christians, surely we are each inspired to seek first the kingdom of God. We know that once we actively seek His Kingdom, we will measure our accomplishments according to His purpose and offer our work to His glory.