Welcome to the Analysis tab where we will post economic information and analysis for Mississippi with special attention to the Jackson Metropolitan Statistical Area (Jackson MSA).  The designation "Metropolitan Statistical Area" (MSA) is utilized by the U. S. government to identify a region consisting of a city, its suburbs, and related communities that are closely associated by social and/or economic factors.  The Jackson MSA consists of Copiah, Hinds, Madison, Rankin, and Simpson counties.


2011 American Community Survey Household Income Data for Jackson Metro Area

November 7, 2012

The 2011 American Community Survey shows the Total Household Income for Hinds, Madison, and Rankin counties in the Jackson Metropolitan Area (see graph below). Source:  U.S. Census Bureau, 2011 ACS, 1 Year Esti ...

CBO report of Federal Tax Rates

July 12, 2012

The CBO is out with a new report about Federal Tax Rates.  The report states that: "The overall average federal tax rates of 18.0 percent in 2008 and 17.4 percent in 2009 were the lowest in the 1979–2009 period and were well below the previous low of 19.4 percent in 2003 and the ...

Bureau of Economic Analysis Personal Income estimates, 2010 vs 2011

June 20, 2012

For Mississippi, the per capita personal income for 2010 was $31,071 vs $32,176 for 2011 (a 3.6% increase which places Mississippi 44th in the nation in the percentage increase from 2010 to 2011).  Mississippi is still ranked 50th in per capita personal income in 2011. Source: http://www...

Jackson MSA Personal Income, 2010 (preliminary)

August 10, 2011

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released a preliminary assessment of 2010 personal income by Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 (see the link below for the full report).  The BEA states that “Personal income rose in 2010 in all but four of the nation&am...

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