Choctaw Connect

Pay It Forward!
How It Works

Choctaw Connect is a new way to support Mississippi College.

Each person that is part of Choctaw Connect represents $10 donated to Mississippi College by one of their friends. Once a person is in, they then have the opportunity to pay-it-forward to their friends. Choctaw Connect shows not only how we all play a role in supporting Mississippi College, but also that every gift is important, no matter the size.

You can’t give through Choctaw Connect until you’re in. You can get in through of two ways: someone can pay it forward to you, or you can pay your own way in for $10. Once you’re in, you then have the opportunity to pay it forward your friends by giving $10 to buy a spot for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in?

You can get in either by being paid for by one of your friends, or by paying your own way in for $10. If you pay your own way in, you must also pay it forward to one of your friends at the same time.

Before you are in, you can also make a pledge indicating how much you will give once someone pays it forward to you. Those who are already in can then pay it forward to those who have pledged even if they are not friends with them on Facebook or Twitter.

Do I need a Facebook or Twitter account to participate in Choctaw Connect?

Yes, Choctaw Connect relies on Facebook or Twitter in order to connect you to friends to whom you can pay it forward.

What does the money go towards?

Initially, the money will go toward the senior class gift. However, in the long run the money may go towards funding specific projects at MC.