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Senior Class Gift

As you count down the days to graduation, leave your mark on Mississippi College with a Senior Class Gift. It's a great way to give back to Mississippi College, and it means that you're a vital part of a MC tradition of giving back.


What is the Senior Class Gift?

Every year, the graduating class gives the university a token of their appreciation. This year, the senior class has decided to give something that will help to preserve the history and traditions of the college in a unique way. We would like to put up a Welcome to Mississippi College sign, very similar to the one down on the corner of the Parkway and College Street. It will be there right next to Hederman Science Building and the back of Aven. This is going to be a new entrance on to campus as the bookstore is moving locations to right across the street from Hederman Science Building. There will be a plaque somewhere on this sign that states that it has been given by the Senior Class of 2012. It will also be placed in honor of Christian Schmidt.

Why should I give?

Giving to the Senior Class Gift is a way of saying thanks for the education and memories that Mississippi College has provided. You may not realize it, but tuition dollars only cover a portion of the cost of a Mississippi College education. The difference is made up through gifts of all sizes given by Mississippi College alumni, parents, friends – and students like you. Gifts like yours make it possible for future students to share in the same experience you had, just as previous classes gave gifts that have affected you. Your generosity represents a commitment and an investment in Mississippi College. And in leaving a gift, you are a part of a long tradition of giving back.

What if I can only give a little?

That’s okay! The size of the gift isn’t what matters the most. It’s your participation. And your gift, when combined with those of other seniors can add up to a lot. We are encouraging seniors to participate in our Choctaw-connect Social Media giving project and sponsor at least one additional senior. Every gift counts.

Where will my money go?

Your donation will go to the previously mentioned Senior Class Gift.

How do I make a donation?

That's easy - Just click on the "Pay it Forward" button in the top right corner of this page or wait until you have been sponsored by someone else in the senior class. You can also make your donation over the phone - just call 601.925.3968 or email for more information.