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Mississippi College considers English language scores from the TOEFL exam; however, prior to enrolling in classes, non-general admission International students are required to pass the Mississippi College Institutional English Evaluation Test: TOEFL-ITP.

Because the TOEFL-ITP evaluates students in four primary areas (writing, reading, speaking, listening), the test helps to determine the international students' academic English language proficiency. If an undergraduate student scores a 497 or better on the test and a graduate student scores a 547 or better on the test, he/she will be permitted to begin their chosen field of academic study.  If the student scores below the required TOEFL-ITP score, he/she will then be placed into either the Intensive English Program or the Link Program (please visit our Classes page for more detailed information on the specific IEP classes).

At the end of each term, students will again take the TOEFL-ITP exam. This exit exam serves to determine the students’ English language proficiency upon completion of one semester of IEP. The exit exam, along with the students’ class performance is collectively used to determine whether or not the student is eligible to graduate from the Intensive English Program.

Required Entrance Exam Score: 497 for undergraduates and 547 for graduates

Please, see the IEP Handbook for more information regarding placement and exit scores.

Interested students may review a sample TOEFL Exam and TOEFL-ITP Exam prior to applying to Mississippi College.

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