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“During my freshman year of college, my father left my family. As the oldest of six kids, I grew up with him as the idealistic picture of a spiritual leader. When he left, my whole world was shaken. Walking with God during that time meant Him literally sustaining my very breath. There were times when I would sit in class and feel as if a million bricks were caving in on my chest. Quoting scripture was the only remedy to the anxiety that such a great loss and heartache created within me. Faith took on a whole new meaning in my life."

“Walking with God is not always full of joy, but is more about the abundance of His grace and faithfulness. God is God when things are good and bad, beautiful and ugly, broken and together. Walking with Him is learning to trust His providence over every situation, at every time. I am beginning to realize that every day, every quiet time, every passage memorized is not just for walking with God today, but it is preparing me for the situations and circumstances where I need to shine for Jesus. Journey For Life has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him.”

Mallory Dowdy
Class of 2011

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