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Moses Sculpture Unveiling Scheduled for Oct. 24 at Mississippi College School of Law

October 10, 2007

Clinton, MS - Mississippi College's bronze sculpture "Moses and the Law'' completes its long-awaited journey soon with its public unveiling scheduled Oct. 24 at the MC School of Law in Jackson.

Weighing 2,700 pounds, the 12-foot tall sculpture is the biggest of art professor Sam Gore's internationally celebrated career spanning more than a half-century.

Gore completed the work at a Memphis foundry over the summer. In recent weeks, his magnificent work of art was locked up at his large shop at home in Clinton. The 80-year-old professor is anxious to see the sculpture make the final ten-mile trip on Friday to its final resting place at the law school.

So are many others in the MC family. "We are pleased to be able to share with the community this imposing sculpture of Moses the Lawgiver,'' said Jim Rosenblatt, dean of the MC School of Law. "We chose to provide an exterior display so metro area residents and visitors can view it any time of the day or night.''

The public is invited to see Gore's work for the first time at the 3:45 p.m. program on that Wednesday afternoon. Gore, Rosenblatt, MC President Lee Royce, MC chairman of Christian Studies Wayne VanHorn will make remarks. Gore is also giving a quick demonstration to visitors, who will see the MC alumnus work on a piece of clay. He will sculpt the head of Jesus from an unshaped mound of clay. VanHorn assisted Gore with the Hebrew lettering on the Ten Commandment scrolls on the sculpture.

In recent weeks, workers with Mid State Construction in Jackson prepared the site on the School of Law campus for the hefty art object. It will be easily visible to visitors walking by the 538-student law school on Griffith Street.

It's a good fit with the law school, MC leaders say.

"This inspiring work reminds us of the period when we were under the law and hopefully today will assist in reinforcing the awareness of the importance of the rule of law in an ordered society,'' Rosenblatt said. "We are grateful for Dr. Gore's creative genius.''

Royce is also a big believer in Gore's abilities and thinks the sculpture's message will speak volumes." The entire MC community treasures Dr. Gore's latest work,'' Royce said. "How fitting it is for a law school to have an artistic depiction on this grand scale of the great law giver descending from Sinai with the Ten Commandments,'' the MC president said. "Such an exhibit adds greatly to the diversity of public art available to the City of Jackson and makes a major statement regarding the importance of the Ten Commandments.''

A Texas native who grew up in Calhoun County and is the son of a well-traveled preacher, Gore fondly remembers his first work of art, a clay sculpture when he was a second-grader in Bruce, Miss. This latest work originated when he drew sketches while flying in an airplane above South Carolina. His next work will be entitled "Jesus, the Fulfillment of the Law'' and also go on display at a future date at the Christian university's School of Law.

For other details, contact Clara Ross Stamps, director of public relations at the MC School of Law at 601.925.7148 or go to www.law.mc.edu

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