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Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association Reaches Out at Mississippi College

May 9, 2012

Mississippi College’s Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association recently raised $2,000 for the Jackson Free Clinic that provides healthcare to needy families.

Having a commitment to academic excellence and leadership are cornerstones of Phi Theta Kappa, the nation’s official honor society for community college students. These outstanding students then transfer to four-year institutions like Mississippi College that make volunteerism a part of their DNA.

Year-round, Mississippi College’s PTK students made scores of donations to Mississippi Blood Services drives on the Clinton campus and the list of community service projects goes on at the Christian university.

This spring, the MC undergraduates collected $2,000 to assist the Chron’s and Colitis Foundation program that seeks to provide a cure to the diseases. Helping the Genesis Food Bank in the capital city was also on their to-do list. MC’s Phi Theta Kappa Alumni group includes 165 students, and chapter co-sponsor Brandi Chancellor says she’s proud of their community service duties on and off campus.

Founded in 1918 by presidents of eight Missouri junior colleges for women, Jackson-based Phi Theta Kappa has enjoyed tremendous growth for decades and by 2006 had inducted more than two million members nationwide.

Going to medical school is what’s been driving Candise Johnson to become a stellar biological medical science student at Mississippi College.

The Forest resident also found time to serve as the Phi Theta Kappa vice president and secretary. She’s encouraged student members to assist with the Salvation Army’s Easter Egg Hunt that attracted 600 Jackson area children. Candise helped the Jackson Free Clinic with donations and volunteered at the medical facility that aids the uninsured.

“God has blessed me with a big heart and I love to give and spread love to others,” Johnson said. “My hope is that through volunteer work, others can feel loved and understand how amazing they are.”

There are other reasons the Scott County mom loves to volunteer. “I find community service to be a stress relief for me because helping others makes me happy,” she said.

MC senior Audrey Reed, an elementary education major from Brandon, is also a big believer in the merits of Phi Theta Kappa because of its role as a service-oriented organization.

In recent months, Audrey worked to assist the Genesis Food Bank after getting initially getting connected through her church.

The morning before services, the food bank needs volunteers to help sort food and cook a meal for church visitors in the Jackson area once a month.

About 15 Phi Theta Kappa students pitched in by helping build a deck at the food bank, sorting vegetables and fruits, and putting items in boxes. “This was a very rewarding project because all of the families were being blessed with boxes of food,” says the 20-year-old future teacher. “I enjoyed being able to help serve people in need. It was definitely an experience I will never forget.”

For more information on MC’s Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association, contact Brandi Chancellor, the university’s coordinator of transfer recruitment, at 601.925.3839.


Photo: Audrey Reed

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