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The following procedures should be followed in the event of a hostage situation or kidnapping:

  1. If you witness a hostage situation or kidnapping, your primary concern should be for your safety and the safety of others. Attempt to remove yourself and others from any immediate danger.
  2. Gather as much information as you can about those involved: Physical characteristics, clothing that is worn, vehicles that were used, weapons that may have been involved, etc.
  3. Call 911, be sure to provide the following information:
    • State your name.
    • State the problem.
    • State the name and location individual(s) involved.
    • Do not hang up the phone until the operator tells you to do so.
  4. Call the Office of Public Safety at 601.925.3204 and provide the appropriate information.
  5. Stay at or near the location of the hostage situation or kidnapping until authorities arrive.
  6. Make yourself available to authorities so that you can provide any information you may have regarding the incident.

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