Mississippi College

Water Exercises

One Degree Article
Highlights on the Importance of Alkaline Article 

The health and safety of our participants and instructors is our top priority. All water fitness exercises are accomplished with head above the water and with body in correct alignment as demonstrated by the instructor.

Water Aerobics - PED 105


Changing body alignment and mimicking land exercise while surrounding the body with churning water. Water shoes required for traction.

Deep Water Running (Explosive Power) - PED 106


Using a belt or a saddle, a dynamic exercise that mimics the mechanics of running on land.  This exercise oxygenates the body and strengthens the core for land performance; this improvement is especially noticeable in the last half of the land sport.

Swimming - PED 107

The evening class meets at Alumni Pool and is not a class for students who can swim. Fundamentals for the adult non-swimmer are taught in this class. Students with swim ability register PED 118 and meet at the Healthplex.

Aqua Power Step 

Creates a greater demand on lower body muscles and is a great cross training choice; demonstrated in PED 105.   Water shoes required for traction on steps.

Water Walking (Including Bikes) - PED 113


Churns the water more than any exercise choice listed. Exhilarating cross training choice. Water shoes required for traction and riding bikes.

Water Volleyball - PED 114


Played in the shallow and deep ends with an inflated 20" beach ball that travels with speed but safe for the water. Students leap to slam the ball; paddle backward to set the ball; and use ceiling, beam, and pipes as team players. Water shoes required for traction. Too much fun; best activity class on campus. 

Anaerobic Interval Training

Water Fitness for Athletes Article

Plyometrics in shallow, explosive power running in deep, and hydroriding power in the shallow. Athletes should mix this type of Water Fitness (2X a week) with their usual land training (4X a week) to gain more benefits than land only training can give them. Read article listed. Water shoes required for shallow end.

Athletic Conditioning

Wall exercises, liquid abs, and Water Fitness moves in the deep. Belts provided. An excellent circuit training choice.

Liquid Abs & Deep Core

Special equipment, set amount of reps, and body alignment isolate and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Recovery is by natural traction while elongating ab wall and speeding circulation. Excellent cross training choice and demonstrated in PED 105, 106, 113, and 114.   

Oodles of Work

Using noodles as extra resistance. Another great crossing training choice and demonstrated in PED 105, 106, 113. Water shoes required for traction.


An interval workout using 4 positions and involves arm movement.  Innovative training for the athlete.  Demonstrated in PED 105, 106, 113, and 114.  Water shoes required.