Mississippi College

Requirement Class Name Hours
CHE 6530 Chemical Literature 3
CHE 6510 Chemical Instrumentation 3
CHE 6561 (3 times) Graduate Chemistry Seminar 3
CHE 6561 Master's Research 3
Choose 3-9 hours of the following    
CHE 5402 Advanced Organic Chemistry 4
CHE 5417 Theoretical Chemistry 3
CHE 5411 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3
Choose 3-6 hours of the following    
CHE 6563 Thesis I 3
CHE 6564 Thesis II 3
  The program requires a student to take and pass four qualifying examinations in areas of the chemical specializations.  
  A research proposal prepared under the guidance of a member of the graduate chemistry faculty must be completed by the end of the second semester.  
Total Hours   30

Completion of the program will require no less than two and no more than six years. 

Fifteen of the thirty hours must be 6500-level or higher.

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