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The Three-Three program offers qualified incoming freshmen the opportunity to complete their undergraduate and law degrees in six years rather than seven. Students choosing this option may earn an undergraduate degree in any of the academic programs noted immediately above. To be admitted to and remain in this program, students must score 26 or higher on their ACT and maintain a minimum 3.25 GPA. Acceptance into the 3/3 Program does not guarantee acceptance to Mississippi College School of Law.

Requirement Class Name Hours
University Core   46
Major Requirements   45
AJU 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
HIS 407 American Constitutional Development I 3
HIS 408 American Constitutional Development II 3
AJU 300 Police Process 3
AJU 310 Judicial Process 3
AJU 320 Corrections Process 3
AJU 332 Law, Crime & Social Control 3
AJU 325 Legal Research & Bibliography 3
PHI 211 Introduction to Logic 3
PLE 201 Introduction to Law 3
PLE 300 Civil Litigation I 3
PLE 301 Civil Litigation II 3
PLE 335 Legal Writing 3
PLE 350 Critical Thinking & the Law 3
PLE 400 Law Office Management 3
PLS 201 American National Government 3
Law School Coursework   30
Total Hours   130

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