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Paralegals/Legal Assistants are employed by private law firms, corporations and corporate legal departments, insurance companies, banks, real estate and title companies, public utility companies, community service programs, consumer organizations, health care facilities, state and federal governmental agencies, court systems, and offices of public defenders and prosecutors. Some paralegals work as independent contractors, usually in large metropolitan areas, after they have gained sufficient experience by working as paralegal employees in law firms.

Paralegal education and skills are increasingly important to a wide variety of jobs that are not specifically designated “paralegal” or “legal assistant” jobs but that require the organizational, communication, and analytical skills that paralegals possess.

Placement and Internships

The Paralegal Studies Program and the Career Services Office of the college offer job placement services to students and graduates including help with interviewing, writing resumes, and job fairs.

During the final semester of paralegal courses, students may intern in law offices, corporate legal departments, or government agencies under the supervision of attorneys.