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The first nine courses listed are legal specialty courses as defined by the American Bar Association’s guidelines for ABA-approved paralegal programs and are required for both B.S. and certificate students.  Minors take the first six listed courses.

Introduction to Law (PLE 201): Introduction to legal terminology and reasoning, the major areas of law, the paralegal profession, the legal profession, and legal ethics with some legal research and writing.

Mississippi Legal Systems (PLE 202): Study of the state and federal court systems, with emphasis on Mississippi courts and their differences in jurisdiction and procedure. Differences in basic trial procedure, civil and criminal. Some legal research and drafting. (same course as AJU 310 Judicial Process)

Civil Litigation I (PLE 300): The rules of procedure of civil lawsuits with emphasis on law office management, interviewing and investigation, pre-trial motions, and initial pleadings.

Civil Litigation II (PLE 301):  The rules of procedure of civil lawsuits with emphasis on pre-trial discovery, trials and accompanying motions, and appeals.

Legal Research & Bibliography (PLE 325): An introduction to the fundamental tools of legal research. Problems are assigned to give students actual research experience in the law library. Primary emphasis is given to the judicial, legislative, and administrative sources of American law (same as AJU 325 and PLS 325).

Legal Writing (PLE 335): Emphasis on improving written communication skills with assignments of legal writing projects, including the drafting of business letters, motions, pleadings, memoranda, contracts, and resumes.

Real Property Law (PLE 305): Estates in land, title and concurrent ownership, real estate closings, transfer of interests in property, escrow agreements, recording systems, and drafting of documents affecting property.

Wills & Estates (PLE 304): Study of administration of decedents' estates, the use of trusts and guardianships with emphasis on Mississippi law, drafting of wills and trusts, and legal research.

Family Law (PLE 320): Study of the law of formation and dissolution of the marital relationship, child custody and support, adoption and paternity with emphasis on interviewing clients, drafting documents, and legal research.

Paralegal Internship (PLE 410): A 160-hour on-site internship in a law office or legal department of a business or government agency under the supervision of an attorney.

Critical Thinking & the Law (PLE 350): The application of critical thinking skills to varied legal problems as a means of determining factual relevance and logical arguments to be used in support of positions taken. (same as AJU 350)

Law Office Management (PLE 400): This is a practical skills training course to introduce students to law office policies, personnel, and legal software used in performing daily tasks such as timekeeping, billing, spreadsheets, case forms, and client trust accounts.

Bankruptcy Law (PLE 330)