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Advanced Clerkship credit hours

The capstone of the clinical phase is the Advanced Clerkship. During this course, students choose one of three areas of concentration; Primary Care, Critical Care, or Surgery and spend the entire semester at one training site. Students return to campus during the final two weeks of the semester for further assessment and study.

Advanced Professional Seminar 2 credit hours

The focus of this final semester of professional development is on preparation of the student for the PANCE and their job search. The course includes a series of presentations prepared by students and based on topics identified as weaknesses by Physician Assistant program faculty and through the collective results of the Physician Assistant Clinical Knowledge Rating Assessment Tool (PACKRAT).The final two weeks of the semester includes an intense period of summative evaluation and board review activities.

Evidence Based Medicine II 2 credit hours

During this semester-long course during the clinical year, PA students complete a portfolio which includes an evidence-based review paper on a clinical question of interest. They present their findings to faculty and student colleagues.

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