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Below are listed estimated expenses for students in the Mississippi College Physician Assistant Program.


Estimated Expenses

Tuition and Fees*

Expense Preclinical Phase Clinical Phase Total
Tuition - $9200/Semester          $46,000 $36,800         $82,800
Registration Fees $185   $185
ACLS Fee $175   $175
Technology Fee $1000 $150 $1150
Clinical Lab Fee   $1000 $1000
Total Tuition & Fees* $47,360 $37,950 $85,310

Other Common Expenses**

Expense Preclinical Phase Clinical Phase Total
Parking $115 $115 $230
Books $3500 $500 $4000
Medical Equipment $754   $754
Travel Expenses $2000 $7200 $9200
Housing $15,000 $15,000 $30,000
Personal Expenses $5300 $5300 10,600
Internet Connection $900 $900 $1800
Liability/Medical Malpractice Ins. $160 $160 $320
Computer, Software, Printer $2100   $2100
Total Estimated Expenses** $29,829 $29,175 $59,004

*Tuition and fees are subject to change.

**These are an estimate of common expenses related to attendance over the duration of the program. They fluctuate and are subject to change. 

For physician assistant students the costs of uniforms, immunizations, physical examinations, diagnostic equipment, malpractice insurance, standardized tests, board review, professional association fees, clinical lab and technology fees are in addition to the standard university tuition, fees, and books. Some clinical rotations may require students to temporarily reside outside of the Jackson metropolitan area. While reasonable efforts will be made to provide housing, ultimately, students are responsible for their own housing and transportation at all clinical training sites.

To view information on tuition refund policies, click here.

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