Autobiographical and Goal Statement | Psychology & Counseling | Mississippi College
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In order to complete the requisites for admission and before the evaluation in the department, an applicant must submit a goal statement and an autobiographical statement.

Your goal and autobiographical statements do not have to be in APA format or a certain amount of length.

Goal Statement

The goal statement reflects what led you to be in this field and why the MS College Program would be an ideal fit for you. The following is a list of questions to guide you in your writing of the goal statement:

  • Describe your professional goals and how this program will assist you in accomplishing them.
  • What specifically about MC’s Counseling Program encouraged you to apply?
  • What significant experiences inspired you to pursue the counseling profession?
  • What significant professional employment experiences have influenced you to pursue the counseling profession?
  • What personal characteristics do you think will contribute to your success as a counselor?
  • What are some personal factors which may challenge your relationship with clients?

Autobiographical Statement

The autobiographical statement is designed to gain additional background information.  The following is a list of questions to guide you in your writing of the autobiographical statement:

  • Describe your family of origin and your role in the family.
  • Please explain your thoughts regarding mental illness and counseling.
  • Please discuss your understanding of the current mental health system and changes you would like to see made to it in the future.
  • Please describe a personal crisis or a difficult situation and what steps you utilized to overcome the challenge.
  • Please describe your experiences working with diverse populations.
  • Please describe your interests in research and professional writing and how the program in which you are applying will assist you in this area.
  • Describe your strengths and weaknesses as a professional and areas for growth.