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Counseling, Ed.S.

The mission of the Education Specialist in Counseling Program is to help students acquire the advanced competencies, as well as specialized knowledge and skill, necessary to perform effectively as professional counselors, counselor supervisors, and counseling program directors. Completion of the program will assist graduates in making application for licensure as a professional counselor (LPC), National Counseling Certification, approved clinical supervisor status, or licensure as a School Counselor (AAA). Candidates for AAA State of Mississippi licensure will be required to provide evidence of a AA Guidance and Counseling license issued by the Mississippi Department of Education. The program wishes to recruit students from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate character, maturity, scholarship, leadership, church/community involvement, and interest in the counseling profession. Students participating in the Education Specialist in Counseling Program receive training in the theories, models, and techniques of professional counseling with specialized preparation in advanced clinical and administrative skills applicable to schools, universities, agencies, and other settings. Students are expected to complete supervised clinical training in approved sites and to conduct supervision and program development projects.