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Admission Process

Note: the following does not apply to the D.P.C. program; see the D.P.C. program page for more information.

  1. All general requirements for admission to the graduate school of Mississippi College must be met.
  2. The applicant must hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in an appropriate field of study as determined by the review committee, Chair of the Department of Psychology and Counseling, Dean of the School of Education, or Dean of Graduate Studies. The applicant must present evidence of satisfactory scholarship with a GPA of at least 3.0 on undergraduate work and/or graduate-level course work if applicable.
  3. The applicant must supply at least two recommendation letters/forms from academic or professional sources who have observed the applicant from the position of teacher, advisor, or supervisor and who are familiar with the applicant’s character, scholarship, and potential for successful graduate work.
  4. The applicant should submit a Goal Statement and Autobiographical Statement.  Instructions for these documents can be found on the departmental website.
  5. The applicant or student may transfer up to 15 hours of course work into the program, but any course must be determined equivalent to the course for which it would substitute. The Dean of Graduate Studies determines the transfer and substitution of coursework.
  6. The applicant should submit a current resume or vita.
  7. The applicant must attend an orientation session during the semester prior to admission.

Autobiographical & Goal Statement

In order to complete the requisites for admission and before the evaluation in the department, an applicant must submit a goal statement and an autobiographical statement.

Your goal and autobiographical statements do not have to be in APA format or a certain amount of length.

Autobiographical Statement

The autobiographical statement is designed to gain additional background information.  The following is a list of questions to guide you in your writing of the autobiographical statement:

  • Describe your family of origin and your role in the family.
  • Please explain your thoughts regarding mental illness and counseling.
  • Please discuss your understanding of the current mental health system and changes you would like to see made to it in the future.
  • Please describe a personal crisis or a difficult situation and what steps you utilized to overcome the challenge.
  • Please describe your experiences working with diverse populations.
  • Please describe your interests in research and professional writing and how the program in which you are applying will assist you in this area.
  • Describe your strengths and weaknesses as a professional and areas for growth.

Goal Statement

The goal statement reflects what led you to be in this field and why the MS College Program would be an ideal fit for you. The following is a list of questions to guide you in your writing of the goal statement:

  • Describe your professional goals and how this program will assist you in accomplishing them.
  • What specifically about MC’s Counseling Program encouraged you to apply?
  • What significant experiences inspired you to pursue the counseling profession?
  • What significant professional employment experiences have influenced you to pursue the counseling profession?
  • What personal characteristics do you think will contribute to your success as a counselor?
  • What are some personal factors which may challenge your relationship with clients?

Application Deadlines

Semester/Session Date
Fall Semester June 1
Spring Semester October 1
Summer Session February 1

Students may apply year-round for review and admission by the Chair of the Department of Psychology and Counseling or the Dean of the School of Education.

Admission Committee

The Department of Psychology Counseling’s Admissions Committee will consist of at least three faculty members. After a candidate submits all the required application materials to the Graduate School, and the qualified applications are reviewed by the Graduate School, the application materials will be forwarded to the Admissions Committee. Applicants may meet in groups with a panel of faculty interviewers. The interview session will last approximately one hour, and interview questions will not be shared in advance, but will generally address the applicant’s experience, goals, and communication skills. Individuals who are not able to attend the group interview will have a chance to complete individuals interviews, based on the committee’s discretion.

*Applications received after deadlines will be reviewed for the next academic semester.