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Students will receive a grade for each semester they remain in the project. At the beginning of the third semester, students and faculty directors should notify the chair of the Honors Council of the intention to complete the honors project that semester and request the appropriate paperwork. At the end of the third semester, students will submit their research report to a committee, chaired by their director, and made up of two other members of that department and one representative assigned by the Honors Council. The committee will engage the student in an oral examination on the research project. The committee will then determine whether the project, report, and examination are unsatisfactory, satisfactory, or superior.  The superior designation can only apply if the student meets the qualifications for “high honors.” If a project is declared “unsatisfactory,” the student may receive no higher than a C for the final semester work and will not graduate “with honors” at graduation. Committee members will sign on signature sheets to be included with the final copy of the report. Each signature sheet should contain original signatures.

The oral examination must occur at least one week before the last regular class day of the semester.

Upon successful completion of the examination, the student will make final corrections and prepare the report for final submission.