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Mississippi College currently offers a series of three honors seminars. The first year seminar, ENG 103, is offered each spring. Students also explore a central topic from a variety of viewpoints, sharpen their own thinking, and research and write in response to that topic. Finally, students think actively and specifically about shaping their own college education. Incoming students are invited on the basis of ACT or SAT scores. If students would like to participate in the first honors seminar, they should contact the chair of the Honors Council during pre-registration for their first Spring semester.

The second year seminar is offered as part of the social science core options. Special sections among the social science classes will be designated as “HON” sections.  These classes will approach the discipline area with an attention to special topics and close examination. Students will be encouraged to work on interdisciplinary projects.

Other seminars are offered in the following fall and spring semesters. These seminars vary in focus, but offer an interdisciplinary approach. Those students who have completed either of the first two seminars are automatically eligible to enroll in other honors seminars. In addition, students who have a GPA of 3.5 can also participate. Past seminars have included explorations of science and religion, issues of race in America, bio-medical ethics, and images of madness in art, film and clinical practice.

Students are encouraged to contact that chair of the honors council, Dr. David Miller ( for specific course offerings.