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Majors & Degrees

Music Performance

For students who are on a path to musical performance, Mississippi College helps bridge the musical learning experience with music performance degree careers through a comprehensive exploration of the possibilities beyond the classroom.

Earn your music performance degree

Even the most naturally talented musicians can’t reach their full potential without a combination of practice, music theory education and mentorship from other passionate musicians. The faculty in the department of music at Mississippi College is dedicated to helping mold the practices and careers of music students as mentors and advisors.

The MC experience

It’s rare for music schools in Mississippi to understand that life isn’t all about passion – as an adult, you have a myriad of other responsibilities that can make traditional school schedules difficult. Take advantage of our evening courses to earn your Music Performance Master’s Degree in Mississippi College’s Department of Music. With our convenient scheduling, you will be able to continue your musical education while you manage your other daily responsibilities.

Choose your focus

The Master of Music in Music Performance program offers cultural enrichment opportunities to the college community and the public in the form of applied lessons, concerts, recitals and workshops, as practical application of the music theory taught in the classroom in this program’s required and elective courses. Our graduates consistently go on to enjoy successful music careers in Mississippi and around the world. 

If you are looking for a graduate-level music program in Mississippi that will shape your talents and prepare you for a performing career, the Master of Music in Music Performance is an excellent choice. Graduates of this program consistently receive graduate fellowships/assistantships and excel in their respective programs, including recent winners of major regional vocal competitions and publication by major music publishers.

Career options

Students pursuing music performance major careers have a wide spectrum of professional-level opportunities in this field. Job paths in this area can take graduates to concert halls, arenas, clubs and many other performance settings. Job roles can include:

  • Composer
  • Music director
  • Singer