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Recognizing Mississippi College's commitment to employing faculty who "engage in scholarship and creative activities," Faculty Development Grants support activities for professional growth and productivity. Grants are meant to cover costs incurred in scholarly research, creative production, and professional growth. Faculty Development Grants may be used for such purposes as travel to archives, recording of original compositions, or the expenses of serving as a presenter, commentator, or session chair at a conference. Grant funds are also available for attendance at workshops or symposiums that promise significant professional enrichment. The grants are not intended for memberships, purchase of routine supplies or materials, completion of degree requirements, or academic conference expenses for attendees not listed on the program.

More Information

Award Amounts and Eligibility

Grants will be awarded up to these maximum amounts:

  • $500 for attendance at a professional workshop
  • $1,000 for research, creative production or performance, or program-listed contribution to an academic conference by tenured faculty
  • $1,250 for research, creative production or performance, or program-listed contribution to an academic conference by other faculty eligible for the grants

Full-time Clinton-campus faculty with the rank of assistant professor or above are eligible for the grants. Since grant funds are limited, individuals who received a grant in the current academic year may apply for another grant, but their proposals will be considered only if funds remain uncommitted from other applications. Grant funds are meant to supplement funds available from other sources such as departmental travel funds and external grants, and prospective applicants are requested to secure such funding before seeking a Faculty Development Grant. 

Application Deadlines

Applications should be submitted at least one month prior to the beginning of the project.

Review of Applications

Applications that meet the general funding criteria will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Faculty Development and Evaluation Committee. Criteria for review will be:

  • Potential benefit to the applicant.
  • Potential contribution to the profession.
  • Completeness of the application.
  • Suitability of the estimated budget.

Applications will be reviewed in the order received.  The subcommittee's recommendation will be forwarded to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for final action.

Accounting & Reimbursement

Procedures for use and of Faculty Deveploment funds may be found on the Accounting & Reimbursement page.