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Undergraduate Admissions

Front-Row Experience

Your personalized preview of life at MC!

Sure, life looks different right now, but that doesn't mean you have to put a pause on your college search. At MC, we are still eager to have future students on our campus and show them what their life could be like as a Choctaw. We are putting a new spin on our Preview Days by hosting numerous round-robin, Ted-Talk style Front-Row Experiences throughout the fall.

What You'll Experience

We want students to get a front-row look at MC by meeting members of our current student body, faculty, and staff, and learning more about what MC offers and how you fit into our community.

We have multiple Front-Row Experiences to choose from this fall, and each one is unique so you can choose which option best fits your interests. Each Front-Row Experience will offer six sessions that will be hosted by faculty, staff, and our students. Not only will we overview the basics like admissions, scholarships, and academics, but these Ted-Talk style sessions will also include other topics to stir your curiosity like:

What goes on in your brain when you make a college decision?
- Dr. Chris Weeks, Professor of Biology

What is the value of a college degree?
- Dr. Brandon Bolen, Professor of Economics

How does a university integrate faith and education into a singular experience?
- Dr. Ivan Parke, Professor of Christian Studies

and more!

Safe & Inviting

Front-Row Experiences will be conducted in accordance with federal and state guidelines where social distancing will be implemented and masks required. The mix of sessions will be held outdoors and in our larger gathering venues to accommodate for distancing.

We are limiting the number of students and guests per each Experience (each student can bring a maximum of one guest). Space is limited per Experience, so we encourage you to sign up when you are ready. The event is free and we know you will leave your Front Row Experience more excited about MC than ever before!



Questions about Front-Row Experience?

Contact the Office of Admissions at 601.925.3800 or We look forward to hosting you as a front-row V.I.P.!