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Ceremony Instructions for Graduates

Where to be and what to do on graduation day

Candidates should report to  A.E. Wood Coliseum one hour prior to commencement.

Check-In (A.E. Wood Coliseum)

Signs will direct you to the degree candidate check-in area in A.E. Wood Coliseum. You will receive a very important card with your name, room assignment, line up number, and Latin honor (if applicable). Bachelor’s degree candidates graduating summa, magna, or cum laude will pick up their stoles in the check-in area. If your name is challenging to pronounce, you can give pronunciation tips to the person announcing names before you leave the check-in area.

After checking-in you will line up in order of the number specified on your line-up card. A student marshal will give you marching instructions just before the processional.

Disabled Assistance

If you are hurt or disabled in any way and feel that you should not walk about 60 yards or climb stairs to walk across the stage during the exercise, we ask that you do each of the following:

  • Using your MC email address, contact the Commencement Committee Chairman Kyle Brantley at brantley@mc.edu and the Registrar’s Office at graduation@mc.edu about your situation.
  • Tell the Registrar’s office personnel about your need for assistance immediately upon your arrival at the commencement check-in area.


MC does not distribute diplomas at commencement. You will receive a diploma cover as you walk across the stage. Approximately 4 weeks after graduation, diplomas will be mailed to graduating students by Scrip-Safe, our diploma provider and shipper. The address you provided for your diploma mailing address is the location where the diploma will be shipped. If you have not already reported an address change to the Registrar’s Office, you must do so prior to commencement. No address changes can be made after the day of your commencement ceremony.

Since diplomas may be larger than a standard mailbox, please be prepared to pick up your diploma at the local post office if no one is available to accept the package, or there is not a suitable place for it to be delivered. You will receive a delivery notice in your mailbox informing you that you have a package for pick-up.