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Apply to Graduate

Information about how to submit your graduation application

How to Apply

In order to graduate, you must file a degree application before the November 29, 2021.

  1. Log in to MyMC.
  2. Click on "Banner Web for Students"
  3. On your Student Profile click on the 4-Square Menu in the top left corner and click on “Banner”
  4. Select "Students"
  5. Select the link titled "Graduation: Apply for Degree"
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen.

If you have previously submitted an online application for your degree and you need to change your graduation date or other information, you will be unable to do this online. Please contact the Registrar's Office.

Graduation Fee

Degree Type Fee
Undergraduate $97
Graduate $140
Law $115

The graduation fee covers graduation-related expenses including your diploma, diploma cover, tassel, commencement exercise, rental of your cap, gown, and academic hood for graduates and law, as well as the shipping of the diploma to the address provided in the degree application. The graduation fee is charged to your student account and is payable to the Business Office.  If circumstances cause you to change your graduation date after the fee is charged and paid, you will not be charged an additional graduation fee.

Dual Degrees

If you are seeking dual degrees (such as JD/MBA) or if you have more than one curricula (such as a double major) you must submit a separate application for each degree/curriculum.

Enrollment in Absentia

Mississippi College policy requires that students be enrolled at the university the semester they plan to graduate.  Enrollment in absentia is a special enrollment status created to assist affected students in satisfying this policy.  Students who have received special permission from the Provost to take their final credit hours at another institution, students who do not need to take additional courses to complete their degree but who need to finish requirements for those courses, or students who completed degree requirements in a prior semester but did not apply to graduate are among the students who may need enrollment in absentia.  There is a $120 enrollment in absentia fee for undergraduate students. There is also a fee for graduate students participating in Thesis Management.  This fee will be charged to your student account.

Clearing Accounts

You must clear your accounts in the Business Office prior to graduation. Students will not be able to walk in a graduation ceremony if there is a balance on the student's account. Students with a balance on their account will not be allowed to pick up their cap and gown. Diplomas will not be mailed and transcripts will not be issued to any student who has a hold on their account from the Business Office or Financial Aid Office. Please contact the Business Office at 601-925-3306 or  Please contact the Financial Aid office at 601-925-3212 or