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Mississippi College’s style guide provides the correct nomenclature to be followed in all internal and external communications, as well as other useful references for writers and editors of university materials.

These style guidelines ensure that MC websites and publications maintain consistency in nomenclature, terminology, punctuation etc. The university’s website, alumni magazines and other materials for external audiences also follow AP style.

Our Name

When referring to the university, establish identity by spelling out Mississippi College. On subsequent references or in headlines, MC is acceptable.

Schools and Departments

When referring to specific Mississippi College units always capitalize college, school and department names. All departments and schools are officially titled with the “Department of” or “School of” preceding the name.

Do not capitalize when referring to a school or department in a general sense. Informal department and school names have the name followed by “department” or “school.”


  • Mississippi College’s Department of Music or the music department
  • Mississippi College School of Nursing or the nursing school


When referring to specific Mississippi College buildings and facilities, please confirm building names with the campus map.

Common usage

The following are guidelines for terms frequently used in MC publications.

  • Residence Hall - Use residence hall, not dormitory or dorm, when referencing one of MC’s ten residence halls.
  • Contact Information - MC publications should include contact information for response, including phone number, email address, and website.
  • College/University. Use lowercase college or university when referring to MC in the text.
    Example: The college’s vision is to be a university that promotes academic excellence.

AP Style

The Associated Press Stylebook provides editors with an A to Z guide for usage, spelling and punctuation. These guidelines ensure consistency among MC websites, alumni magazines and other promotional materials for external audiences.

For information, visit http://www.apstylebook.com.

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