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Resources and tools about how best develop course content within Moodle

What Makes A Good Online Course?

There are key elements that make online learning an effective and even enjoyable educational experience. Before you attempt to merely "convert" your F2F course content to an online delivery mode, make sure you grasp an understanding of the stark contrast of online pedagogy the traditional form of teaching. That said, developing an online course takes special care and a good set of instructions. Below are several articles that outline the qualities of a good online course.

What Makes A Good Online Course? Read more.

Academic Integrity In Online Education  Read more.

How It Works

When a department determines the need to develop a new online program or transfer an existing F2F program to an online format, there is a special timeline that should be followed.

Timeline Stages of the Online Program Creation


1. Import the "course template".  View here.

2. Create content for each weekly course block. View here.

3. Use "Best Practices" for online development. View here.

4. Identify components of an online course homepage you should update and/or include as you add content. View here.

5. Evaluate your course content using rubric View master rubric. View another example here.

Creating Content With PowerPoint

Recording Voice Over

Narration can enhance Web-based or self-running presentations. You can also use narration to archive a meeting, so that presenters or absentees can review the presentation later and hear any comments made during the presentation. This article is provided by Microsoft Office, and covers the following content:

Best Practices

To read more about best practices for online teaching and learning, view here.