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Online Syllabus Template

Mississippi College has a standard template used by all departments. The Syllabus Template sample provided below is designed to reflect specific requirements for online courses. Please ensure that your online course syllabus includes all necessary technology requirements and expectations, such as (1) Online Participation; (2) Course Communication; (3) Netiquette; (4) Technology Requirements; (5) Grades/Gradebook provided within the LMS, and any other items that may further assist the online student. Any expectations on the use of webcams for online proctoring, Dropbox, and other technology should be clearly stated in your syllabus.

Moodle  Syllabus Template

University Policy and Student Support Information

General Policy and Procedures information is provided on the front page of the LMS in Moodle titled "Mississippi College Moodle Syllabus Addendum". It is located in the "Getting Started" within Canvas. The document below reflects all items included. 

Mississippi College Moodle Syllabus Addendum

Course Template

An MC standard course template has been designed to maintain a familiar layout for students and offer a springboard for instructors by which to develop each course home page.
View sample course template.

This course template is then customized by sub-department, adding features and information pertinent to the subject. For access to your template, click on the "template" link below. If you find you cannot access your template, contact your MCMoodle liaison. View liaison list here.

Department template

Click on links below to access pertinent information.

How To Import Your Course Template 

View How To Import video tutorial here.

How to Import A Template (or Other Course Content) PDF