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Instructional Tools

Resources for instructional technologies used within the institution's LMS Moodle and media

About Smarthinking 

Mississippi College provides online tutoring through Smarthinking. Read more on how service is designed to your academic success! Get General Information for Students here 

Sample tutoring sessions.

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General Information FAQ's 

Who is Smarthinking? Smarthinking is a Washington, DC-based organization that provides people, technology and training to help schools and institutions offer outstanding online academic support to their students. Students at more than 1,000 institutions use Smarthinking for academic support. Smarthinking's management team is comprised of professionals with extensive backgrounds in education, technology and business. Bios of the Smarthinking team can be found online under About Us. 

What is Smarthinking's philosophy? Smarthinking is a student-centric service that supplements on-campus courses and academic support systems. Using the Smarthinking service, institutions will be able to create a true on /off-campus hybrid educational model that addresses a range of student needs and learning styles. Smarthinking provides academic assistance in the same manner its clients do on campus. Our tutors do not give answers or rewrite / edit papers. Need homework help, live tutoring, or someone to review your writing? Smarthinking is a convenient, effective, and economical way to increase your success. Smarthinking is Convenient Work with a trained and qualified tutor from any Internet connection up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Submit an essay for critique and review, usually within 24 hours. Smarthinking is Effective 93% of students say that they would use Smarthinking again and recommend it to a friend. Studies from some of Smarthinking's more than 300 subscribing schools and libraries confirm that Smarthinking improves student performance.

Smarthinking is Economical Get help in any subject, at any time, in any increment. For instance, one hour of tutoring can be used to submit an essay to the writing center, receive live tutoring in math, and to submit a question in general chemistry. You can also choose the kind of help you want: - Drop in and work with a Smarthinking certified tutor - Submit a piece of writing for any subject to the Online Writing Lab - Submit a question and get a response, usually within 24 hours - Schedule an appointment with a certified tutor; or - Use our online study resources. Smarthinking's certified tutors are highly qualified college faculty, high school teachers and retired educators that strive to help you learn, rather than simply "giving answers" or "doing homework". Best of all, everything you do online is saved in your own personal academic home page so you can always print it out or go back to it at a later date. Note: If you currently attend a school that offers Smarthinking, check with your institution to determine if you can access Smarthinking services through your school, before purchasing individual tutoring services directly from Smarthinking.

Linking Library Databases

You can link MC's databases to your Moodle page. Read more.

In addition to journals and ebooks, you can link streamed video from MC's databases. View media list.