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Getting Started

Students like you experience constant demands on their time, both in school and outside of it. Ensuring
that all students have the support they need to succeed is an enormous challenge for educators. If you are juggling school with work and family or taking classes part-time or online, on-campus tutoring services and faculty office hours may not be enough. Smarthinking helps by providing 24/7 access to highly trained online tutors who help students improve their problem-solving and writing skills and help them strengthen their content mastery. As a result, Smarthinking helps students improve their success and reach their educational goals.

Smarthinking is a pilot initiative for student support provided through Academic Affairs for all online courses and programs. If you are an online student, you may access additional information from the Smarthinking block located on your course home page found in moodle.


View Smarthinking orientation video here.

Smarthinking Student Handbook PDF