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Instructional Technology

Student Support

Information for students needing assistance with instructional technology tools

Welcome to Mississippi College

Learn everything that you need to know, from class registration to navigating Moodle, in order to have the best MC experience possible.

View student orientation website here.


MCMoodle is Mississippi College’s designated course management system. This guide is designed to help you become acquainted with accessing and navigating the course within MCMoodle.

Student Access  PDF

If you forget your password View here.

Operating System requirements for Moodle View here.

What is MyMC? View here.

Contacting Your Instructor

You should contact your instructor via email or the forums provided in your course.

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Top 10 Questions For The Distance Learner - PDF


How to Access Library Databases video

Online Library Resources  video

Using Dropbox video

Online Orientation 

Learn everything you need to know to get the best MC experience possible. 
Explore the Online Orientation pages here.

Navigating Moodle
Access this quick online course to become familiar with Moodle features.
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Using Moodle

Logging In
Learn to access MCMOODLE. 
View video here. 

Communicating in MCMoodle  
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News Forum One of the most important aspects of moodle is the communication it provides. There are a variety of ways to communicate with your instructor and classmates within Moodle. In the News Forum, you will find announcements, updates, and reminders from your instructor. Anyone in the class can view posts within the forum, but only the instructor can post messages. 

Ask the Instructor Forum   General questions to your instructor should be posted on the Ask the Instructor forum. Messages posted here will be visible to the entire class, and your instructor will answer your question here so that all students can benefit from the inquiry 

QuickMail If you want to send a private message to your instructor, click on “Compose New Email” in the Quickmail block. Select your instructor’s name from the Potential Recipients list. Then click “add”. The rest of the page is set up much like a standard email, which allows you to specify a subject, type a message and even attach a file if needed. Once you have completed your message, click “Send email” to finish.