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Instructional Technology

Online Courses and Programs

Outline of the process for launching a new online program or course, documents and resources

Starting Your Course Development

To develop a course, whether online, hybrid or F2F, there are key components you will want to ensure are fulfilled. To develop an online course, the course developer should be (1) contracted to develop the online course, (2) trained by our institution's instructional technologist, (3) guided through the development process towards the course delivery date, and (4) contracted to teach the online course. 

Getting Started

STEP 1 Dean/Chair confirms that the new course has been approved by the governing bodies on a program level. Obtaining general course approval follows the same procedure as any other course, following established university and departmental policies. All courses offered online must meet the same learning outcomes as other sections of the same course offered in different delivery types. See ??? for forms and directions.

Adding an Online Course to the Schedule of Courses The Office of the Registrar will send your department a proof list of courses offered the same term in the previous year. You will be given the opportunity to mark corrections, additions, etc. The contact within your department who receives the proofs must make sure to do the following when adding the online course(s) to the list.

STEP 2 Request for Approval  Download, sign and submit the "Request For Approval To Develop an Online Course" to Linda Taylor at This form begins the contracting process for development of the online course.

Is Your Developer/Instructor New To MC? If so, they should submit a Faculty Application. After this document is processed, Computer Services will receive their information needed to create an MC account, which will include will provide them with the following:

  • MC email address
  • MC Username and Password (gives you access to MyMC email, Banner, MOODLE)
  • #700 number

To read more on access, view here.


You know you are ready to welcome your students when the following items are complete. Read complete checklist here.

1. Access your course shell.

2. Import your "course template" and edit.

3. Update it using your syllabus information.

4. Upload and create course content, such as activities, resources, etc.

5. Open your course to students at least 1 week prior to the course start date.

Send a "welcome" message through the "News Forum" on your course home page!