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Accommodation Request Procedures

The student must provide written documentation from a medical physician and/or licensed clinician that verifies his or her disability with recommended accommodations. Documentation must be current (within 3 years). SAS will assist the student in notifying his or her professors about the recommended academic accommodations.   


  1. Students must fill out our Online Accommodation Request Form
  2. A detailed letter on letterhead from their physician or qualified evaluator stating the student’s diagnosis and the specific accommodations needed in relation to that diagnosis.
    1. Forms can be uploaded within the Online Accommodation Request form, emailed to, or dropped off at the Accessibility Services office located in the basement of Nelson Hall.  
    2. Physicians or qualified evaluators may email the detailed letters to or upload it within the Online Clinician Form. 
  3. After receiving all of the required documentation, Student Accessibility Services will reach out to the student via email to schedule an accommodation meeting.  

Documentation Guidelines

  • Documentation provided to the Student Accessibility Services is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  It is best for documentation to be current.
  • Recommendations by a licensed professional must be reasonable and effective in assisting the student where the student’s major life activity/activities is/are impaired.  
  • For more information, please refer to the Accessibility Services Handbook (pages 15 - 23)