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Usage Guidelines

  • Logos should not be edited in any way, except for resizing.
  • When resizing, aspect ratio should be maintained.
  • Printed logos should not be less than 2" wide.
  • Drop shadows, bevels, and other effects should not be added to any logo.
  • The area surrounding the logotype have sufficient clear space in order for the logo to stand out from all other information.
MC Official Logo

The primary logo consists of three parts, which must appear together:

  • the official university seal
  • the “Mississippi College” word mark
  • the tagline “A Christian University”

When to Use This Logo

The official logo must be included on all university-related communications promoting schools, departments, organizations, associations and centers within the university. For example, the MC identity must appear on all printed materials and on the home page of all websites and electronic communications, as well as any other media and promotional materials.

Generally, the official logo should be printed in PMS 540 Blue. As an alternative to the PMS 540 Blue, the logo may also appear in Pantone process black or white. When printed in black or white, the opacity may be decreased to up to 40%.

Mississippi College - A Christian University - Est. 1826

When to Use This Logo

The Mississippi College digital logo is to be used only in digital formats, including official university websites, social media pages, and online advertisements.


The Mississippi College seal is used for only the most formal occasions, appearing on university diplomas, formal invitations, and ceremonial documents deemed appropriate by the Office of the President.

When to Use This Logo

This logo is not downloadable and may not be used as a graphic element without permission from the Office of Marketing and Communication. The seal should never stand alone as the university’s logo.

MC Law

When to Use This Logo

The MC Law logo may be used as a stand-alone element in communication that is centered on promoting the Mississippi College School of Law, and not the university as a whole.

Mississippi College Athletics

When to Use This Logo

The Mississippi College athletic logo may be used as a stand-alone element in communication that is centered on promoting primarily athletic programs, and not the university as a whole.

In other instances it may be used only after the primary identity has been established by use of the official logo.

The Office of Marketing and Communication has approved a cohesive series of signature logos for use in academic schools, departments, and administrative offices.  Therefore, these signatures contain the official logo and, therefore, can be used in the place of a solitary official logo. Use signatures on school and college-specific brochure covers and website home pages to clearly emphasize the sub-brands while demonstrating their connection to the university. In order to protect the consistency of the academic branding, these logos should only include "MC" and the name of the school/department. Do not create additional department or administrative logos without first seeking approval from the Office of Marketing and Communication.

If your department or administrative office needs an additional logo, contact the Office of Marketing & Communication to create and deliver it to you.