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All official Mississippi College Web sites or Web pages must adhere to the following guidelines regarding styles.

Custom Designs for Academic Departments

Administrative departments are required to use the main Mississippi College design template. However, schools and academic departments are permitted to have designs that differ from the main Mississippi College template.

Schools and academic departments that wish to redesign their site should contact the Director of Web Communications to begin planning the redesign project. In such instances, the process will take place as follows:

  1. The Office of Public Relations will directly manage the redesign project in coordination with the academic department.
  2. The academic department will be charged for the redesign, but at a rate significantly lower than that of fully outsourcing the design. Contact us for specific rates.
  3. The Office of Public Relations may outsource certain portions of the redesign, depending on the needs of the project.
  4. The Office of Public Relations will integrate the site into our content management system and train a department representative of usage of the CMS.

Any questions regarding this process should be sent to the Director of Web Communications.

If an academic chooses not to have the Office of Public Relations manage their web design project:

  1. The design must still be approved by the public relations office before it can be launched (we recommend submitting the site for approval as early as possible in the redesign process).
  2. The site must be hosted on Mississippi College servers. Hosting requirements for the project should be confirmed with the public relations office at the beginning of the design process.
  3. The department will be fully responsible for maintaining the site (FTP access will be provided to the department if necessary).

In all cases, the Office of Public Relations should be notified before the design process begins.

Required design elements in custom designs

  • the name "Mississippi College" and the name of the department in the header
  • a link to the Mississippi College homepage on every page in the site
  • any other items as specified by the Office of Public Relations


Body Copy

The following fonts are approved for use within body copy on University sites:


  • Open Sans (Google)
  • Lato (Google)
  • Arial
  • Helvetica


  • Droid Serif (Google)
  • Esteban (Google)
  • Alegreya (Google)
  • Garamond
  • Georgia

No other fonts may be used for body copy unless they are approved by the Office of Public Relations. Usage of other fonts used within headings and titles must be approved by the Office of Public Relations.


HTML heading tags (h1, h2, h3) should be used to display titles and headings within your content.  These tags will be beneficial for organization of content, consistency of style and search engine optimization. The styles for these tags can be specified in a central CSS file in order to simplify the application of styles throughout various pages.


Hyperlinks should be the same font and font size as body copy, except for navigational links. With regards to color, all links should stand out as links, but should still remain dark enough to be easily readable.

Navigation & Page Titles

Navigation should be clear and consistent.  Top-level menu items should remain the consistent throughout all pages within the site.  In certain instances, the top-level menu may be in a different location that the homepage, but it should still have the same menu items.  Sub-menus should remain consistent across their respective pages.  Pages should only exist in one location within the navigational hierarchy.

All pages should have an HTML title that includes the page name.  Acceptable separators include a pipe (|) or a dash (-).  Usage of the pipe as a separator is recommended.


  • Office of Public Relations | Mississippi College
  • Office of Public Relations - Mississippi College


Images used on official Mississippi College websites must be provided or approved by the Office of Public Relations. Web images should be compressed to a resolution of 72 dpi.  Images should never be scaled up using HTML.  They should be sized properly using image editing software.  All images should have an HTML alt attribute.  Images used for design/decorative purposes only may have an empty alt attribute.

Logo Usage

The logo, which consists of the “bell tower” graphic and the wordmark, should not be edited in any way, except for resizing.  When resizing, the aspect ratio of the logo should be maintained.  Drop shadows, bevels, and other effects should not be added to the logo.

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