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Important Information

Please complete the application in its entirety. Incomplete applications will be discarded.

Students will be assessed and hired by the Residence Life staff. An interview process may be required.

You must qualify for Federal Work-Study to apply for the Desk Assistant Position.

Hired applicants must complete the Student Worker Notification of Hire packet. This will be available once you have completed the CareerLink application and have been offered the position.

Scheduling Policies

Lobby Hours are from 12pm-4pm and 6pm-12am, six days a week (not open on Wednesday) and Visitation Hours are from 7pm-11pm, five days a week (not open on Wednesday and Sunday).
Visitation Hours are from 6pm-12am, six days a week (not open on Wednesday) in College Plaza and University Place.

If you are hired, you will not be scheduled during class time. The Residence Life Staff reserves the right, however, to schedule you for work at any other time you list as "available." Good-faith attempts will be made to work with every Desk Assistant to cover all hours and respect all schedules balancing weekday and weekend hours for each Desk Assistant. Flexible schedules are a consideration in both the hiring process and in the distribution of hours. Desk Assistants are limited to the hours that are allotted per week with Federal Work-Study.


The application can be found on the CareerLink website: