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Room Availability 

On-campus housing availability is limited to full-time undergraduate students. Typically, on-campus housing is not available to undergraduate students over 24 years of age. An appeal for exception can be made to the Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Life, who will forward the matter to the Residence Life Appeals Committee for review. 

If you need ADA Accomodations, you must have contacted and completed all necessary documentation with Counseling and Disability Services by Friday, May 22nd for all current students and Friday, June 19th for all new students.  Failure to do so will result with the inability for Residence Life to make any necessary accommodations.

Room Assignments

All single, full-time undergraduate students under the age of 21 are required to live in a campus residence hall unless they commute from home.

To reserve a residence hall room:

Complete the online housing application.  With in the housing application you will need to pay the $100 non-refundable housing fee to be able to select a room assignment.  Please visit the housing sign up website to learn more about this process.  

Room assignments are all done by the student through our online housing sign up process.  

Private Room Requests

The Office of Residence Life handles all private room requests. When Private rooms are available, the charge for the room is twice the cost of the regular room rate.

Cancelling Housing

All residents who are wanting to cancel their housing assignment can do so by logging back in to the housing portal and cancelling their application. To cancel an application please visit mc.edu/housingsignup

Check-In & Check-Out

Each student needs to carefully check in and out of the residence hall with the residence hall staff. Specific guidelines must be followed.

Activity Fee

At the beginning of the school year, a Residence Hall Activity Fee of $20.00 is required from each on campus student.

Rules and Guidelines

All students must be familiar with and adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Student Handbook and the ABC's of Residence Life.

Residence Hall Closings

All residence halls (as well as food services) are closed and must be vacated for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Holidays. For specific holiday closing dates, please visit the Academic Calendar.


No storage is available for students.

Overnight Guests

All same-sex guests who do not attend Mississippi College and plan to stay overnight must be registered at least 48 hours before their arrival. To do this, residents must submit an overnight guest form that can be found at the following link: Overnight Guest Registration

Room Changes

Occasionally it is necessary that a student change rooms. This process requires meeting with both your Resident Assistant and Area Coordinator or Assistant Area Coordinator before room changes are approved.  If a student does not go through the proper room change process with the Residence Life staff, they will be assessed a $50 room change fee. 

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