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April 29, 2020

MC Offers Pass/Fail Option for Spring 2020

Dear Students,

With all of our lives disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the closing of our campus, Mississippi College is doing all we can to relive stress on our students and their families.

With that in mind, MC is offering a Pass/Fail grading option for most classes for the Spring 2020 semester. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to see your final letter grades in your classes, then decide whether you prefer the letter grade to stand or to take a Pass or Fail for each class.

We understand that the switch to distance learning and the unexpected need to relocate off campus has been a difficult transition, and in many cases, may have negatively impacted your academic work. If your final grade in a class is not representative of your knowledge of the subject, the Pass/Fail option may allow you to receive credit for the course without worrying that your GPA will be negatively affected.

From May 7 until May 15, you can opt-in to Pass/Fail grading by completing a form found on the MC COVID-19 website. You’ll receive a reminder email and a link to the form on May 7th. 

For detailed information on how Pass/Fail works and how it might affect your academic goals, please read the FAQs listed here.

MC understands that “education” is measured by so much more than just a letter grade. We hope the Pass/Fail option will help you to stay inspired and on track as you continue your education at Mississippi College. 

Megan Pritchett