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Sincerely, MC

Beyond the Swings... MC Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day used to be simple. Decorating a shoebox or brown paper bag, labeling it with your name, and waiting for the Valentine’s cards and candy to accumulate throughout the school day. These days, making arrangements for a proper Valentine’s Day celebration can be rather complicated, and finding the perfect combination of “just enough” and “not-too- much” can prove difficult. Together, we will examine some last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day dates and Galentine’s celebrations around the Jackson metro area.

If you have yet to define the relationship, I recommend a booth in the Caf for all to see. Menu to be announced, dessert to follow.

Weather permitting, grabbing Polar Pops and taking a walk at the Clinton Nature Center would allow for great conversation and quality time outdoors. If that is “your thing,” you could also check out The Rez for excellent picnic and stargazing spots.

If you prefer activities over sit-down dates, drive to Highball, Fondren’s newest bowling alley, or, if you are afraid to strikeout, try mini golf in Pearl.

If atypical is your goal, try thrifting outfits for each other to wear to dinner. Coffee shop hopping is also a good idea for a less structured, go-with-the-flow date - try as many shops as you please.

Whatever you do to celebrate this year, we hope we have made your choice a little bit easier - like waiting to take home your Valentine’s candy after class.

Sincerely, MC