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Campus Operating Status

Dean of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences Dr. Jonathan Randle and Dr. Stephanie Carmicle, biology professor, explain how MC's return to campus this fall will impact students in classrooms.

All MC courses will be offered through in-person instruction in classrooms configured to support physical distancing, with requirements for wearing face coverings and sanitizing surfaces such as desks, computers, or other equipment. MC’s class sizes are small. Many classes will physically distance desks. Other classes may be moved to larger spaces on campus, including some rooms that are not normally used for instruction.

When students or faculty are not able to attend class in person due to illness or isolation orders, they will be able to access courses and course content remotely.

Many faculty will make adjustments in their teaching methods and lesson plans to decrease the number of students physically present at any one time in the classroom, lab, studio, or other space. This may require flexibility as far as class meeting times and instructional technology.