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In order to comply with physical distancing needs and limitations for the number of people gathered, weekly Tuesday/Thursday in-person Chapel experiences will not be held.   

The number of required Chapel attendances has been reduced from 10 to seven. Please visit the Chapel website for all Chapel details and requirements.

Students may receive Chapel credit by attending:

1. Virtual Chapel

  • MC will provide virtual Chapel experiences each week beginning August 31 through November 6, with each virtual experience counting as one attendance credit (a total of 7 are needed).

2. Book Clubs

  • Students enrolled in Chapel can sign up to participate in a book club. Each book club will be led by an upperclass-student. By participating in a book club, students can receive credit for the entire semester of Chapel. Students will be required to read the entire book and meet with their book club group (virtually or in-person) three times during the semester. Groups will be limited to 10 students each. Students will receive an email with instructions for sign-up access. 

3. Prayer Gatherings

  • MC will offer two in-person prayer gatherings during the fall semester (if possible). 
  • Each prayer gathering will equal one attendance credit (a total of 7 are needed). More information will be coming including dates, times, and locations.  

For any questions regarding the Chapel experience, contact Becca Benson at