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Campus Operating Status

Academic buildings will have limited points of entry and exit to control traffic flow and minimize overcrowding. Students should abide by the signage and directional indicators and maintain appropriate social distancing in common areas (hallways, stairwells, walkways).

Upon entry into the classroom (in some cases, upon entry into the academic building), students may be asked to display their #CampusClear app indicating that they have self-monitored their health for the day.

Faculty and students will be required to wear cloth face coverings when in academic spaces (classrooms, labs, and studios). Faculty may wear clear plastic face shields in addition to, or instead of, the cloth face mask.

Classroom capacities will be reduced to accommodate 50% of the published capacity of the space. In rooms where desks can be moved, seating will be arranged to promote physical distancing between students, and a room layout template will be provided to assist students and faculty in maintaining the appropriate seating layout. For academic spaces with fixed seating, desks available for student seating will be clearly marked. This may necessitate dividing larger-enrollment classes into two smaller cohorts that alternate between in-person and virtual instruction.  

In the event that course rosters are divided into two cohorts, faculty will clearly communicate before the start of the course which cohort each student will be assigned to, and which cohort should plan to attend the class in person for the first class meeting.

On the first day of each course, faculty members will review class guidelines and expectations so that students will know what practices and behaviors are advised.  Faculty may also include classroom-specific guidelines on their syllabi.