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COVID-19 Operating Status Levels

Operating status levels will help notify the MC community of the current health and safety conditions of on-campus operations.

Campus Operating Status

COVID-19 is a global pandemic, and all members of our community must remain vigilant in taking active steps to curb the spread of the virus. Despite MC’s safety protocols, we cannot fully eliminate the spread of COVID-19 on our campus. In partnership with the Mississippi State Department of Health, the university is monitoring a variety of indicators to determine what actions may need to be taken should conditions change.

We will use MC Alert, the University’s emergency notification system, to inform the campus of a change in operating status. 


Cases remain stable/low on campus.

  • Face coverings are worn on campus.
  • Social distancing practiced.
  • Daily COVID-19 self-check completed by all students, faculty, and staff.
  • Classes structured with flexible technology to support a shift to remote learning, if needed.
  • Those exhibiting symptoms should be tested immediately, followed by isolation, quarantine, or monitoring of symptoms depending on test results.


On-campus cases remain stable/low with some increased numbers of reported cases.

  • Continue all Green level actions.
  • Evaluate and implement new health strategies to decrease risk to the MC community.
  • Introduce targeted surveillance testing.
  • Consider adding restrictions or extra guidance for on and off-campus activities. 
  • Increase disinfection and cleaning of campus facilities. 
  • Encourage the MC community to limit interactions. 


Multiple positive cases or increase of cases within the MC community.

  • Continue all Green and Yellow level actions.
  • Evaluate additional strategies to decrease the risk to the MC community.
  • Introduce mandatory testing.
  • Consider additional restrictions to all on-and-off campus student activities and community living.
  • Encourage the MC community to further limit unnecessary interactions.


Significant on-campus community spread or increase in cases.

  • Continue all Green, Yellow, and Orange level actions.
  • Shift to on-campus remote learning and activities.
  • Consider having employees work remotely unless deemed essential to university operations.