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Campus Operating Status

The following key data points will be used to evaluate the current public health conditions in our community.

Prevalence and nature of COVID-19 spread at MC

  • Total positive COVID-19 tests by date of testing
  • Percent of positive tests in our diagnostic population
  • Percent of positive tests in our random testing
  • Connection between cases
    (Was there a known exposure that resulted in infection, or was there no known epidemiologic link suggesting community transmission of infection?)
  • Hospitalization rate

Community compliance with public health measures

  • Percent of individuals completing the daily symptom check-compliance
  • Percent of community attesting they are wearing a mask daily
  • Compliance with requirements for gathering sizes

The capacity of resources to mitigate risk

  • Ability to contact trace cases in an appropriate timeline
  • Ability to support the number of individuals in isolation and quarantine
  • Supplies for testing, turnaround times to testing results, PPE, and other supplies such as disinfectants

The situation in our broader community

  • The trajectory of positive COVID-19 tests, percent of positive COVID-19 tests
  • Hospital capacity in Hinds County