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Tables, countertops, high-touch service areas, and food contact areas will be sanitized a minimum of once per hour. Salad and dessert bars will provide “pre-made” items only; tongs or serving spoons will not be shared. All entrees will be “served” items only, and barriers will be in place between customers and food service staff at service and cashier stations at all food outlets.

For traffic flow, the CAF will feature one register for “dine in” and one register for to-go/takeout. Distancing in all lines will be maintained at all food service locations, and limited seating will be available for dining-in at the CAF and at all food outlets. 

Campus Dining, MC’s food service provider, will check staff temperatures and conduct pre-opening staff meetings to discuss safety-related responsibilities, including identifying symptoms of COVID-19.

Campus Dining will emphasize hand washing, social distancing, and food handling requirements, while continuing to monitor best practices within university food services in order to identify and incorporate additional safety procedures.